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TMJ, a Journey of Healing, and 12 Lessons Learned

JawBreaker is Jill's first book, providing a powerful personal narrative whose intention is to share her triumph over an excruciatingly painful jaw issue that began after a routine dentist appointment. What Jill discovered in her quest to find someone to help her was that there is much unknown about the jaw, specifically the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Facial pain, headaches, ear pain, tongue issues, muscle spasms, neck pain, eye pain, an off bite, dizziness and more all can be related to a jaw problem or temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Jill writes about the horror of a mouth guard/orthotic that was constructed for her and how debilitated it left her. Jill talks about what she would do differently knowing what she knows now and highlights 12 lessons learned. She touches on her experience with medical reimbursement and navigating insurance coverage. This book exhibits the inspiration Jill found during her darkest days and how she propelled forward in pursuit of healing a broken mouth.

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